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Our Travel Style




Our Travel Style


Our Philosophy: Savor the Moment

That’s our motto–and mission. We only experience life in the present moment, when we take the time to fully savor it. With travel, we instantly put ourselves in an open, receptive state. We take in new information, sensations, textures, tastes, flavors, smells, people, and energy. And yet, it is not until we get home, unpack our bags, and step back into everyday life that we see how we have grown. Something subtle yet powerful happens on a journey. Traveling opens us up to learning, changing, becoming more of who we are. We truly believe that travel is the ultimate investment in yourself as a human being. Thus, see us as your most trusted advisor to manage that precious investment.

Only South America

Our expertise and focus is not only food & wine but we only work within Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru. With our regional headquarters based in Santiago, Chile and on-the-ground operations in four different countries, we are constantly able to stay tuned to the pulse of these destinations. Our clients come to us precisely for this reason: they want a specialist who understands and loves the region in great depth and can provide them insider access. Our destinations include:

• Chile: Santiago, Central (Mediterranean) Chile and Wine Valleys, Patagonia, Atacama Desert.
• Argentina: Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Salta and Cafayate wine region, Patagonia, Córdoba.
• Uruguay: Carmelo, Colonia, Montevideo & Canelones wine region, Punta del Este & José Ignacio.
• Peru: Lima, Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Amazon.

Only Food, Wine, and Culture

Our driving passion is food & wine. It’s our way of conceptualizing and experiencing life. We bring that enthusiasm and zest to each and every one of our itineraries. We constantly scour South America’s cities and valleys to bring you the best and most authentic culinary experiences–from food artisans to traditional weavers, garage vintners to prestigious grand cru projects, cheese makers to olive oil producers, ceviche maestros to native potato growers. Our savvy hosts are experts in flora and fauna, anthropologists and historians, sommeliers, and chefs. Sound delicious? It is.

Private, Bespoke, and Small Group Travel

Our niche is tailor made, private tours and a small selection of intimate group departures every year called Signature Journeys. This is not travel for the masses. We do not offer fixed dates for any of our private, custom-made itineraries. We work with your travel plans. Our handcrafted adventures begin with a consultation and questionnaire to help us best create an experience based on your interests. Our Signature Journeys are small groups are of typically 8-12 travellers with a curated itinerary, often personally hosted by owner/chef/sommelier, Liz Caskey. For both options, we handle every detail of your complete itinerary and are available to help during every step.

Superb Service

As a boutique firm, we are fortunate to get to know all of our clients very well. We dedicate time and attention to carefully designing their journeys and getting to know them as people to create the best travel fit for their interests. We understand time is your most prized commodity. Leave the planning and local connections to us. We will arrange everything in advance and ensure that you are an instant insider upon arrival. All you have to do is show up and soak up the fun.

Only the Best

We consider ourselves “travel designers” of luxurious escapes for our clients. We carefully handpick the exquisite properties, boats, and lodges where you slumber. We choose memorable dining experiences from dinners in private homes to sumptuous street food and classic bars. You travel in first-class transportation by land, air, or water. We also afford special services to make the journey seamless. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Sky High: Private Jets and Helicopters

Flying by private aircraft is one of the fastest and most comfortable ways to travel in South America, saving hours in time travelled overland or with commercial flights. In-country, far-flung vineyards or destinations are only a hop away. You decide the destination and time frame. One of our favorite ways to experience South America’s grand terrain of mountains, valleys, shining seas, miles of coastline, rain forests, glaciers, vineyards, and sprawling metropolis is by helicopter. More than a bird’s-eye view of the scenery, a helicopter can land where there are no roads. Impromptu wine picnic high in the Andes, anyone?