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“We enjoyed our trip very much. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. Thank you for helping to make that possible. We LOVED the Singular and the adventures we had there. Thanks again for you help.”

-Laura A.
Chicago, IL, USA

“We all very much enjoyed our trip to South America. We were very impressed with Chile. It has a great deal of natural beauty and appears to be doing very well and the wines are truly world class, especially my favorite, Sauvignon Blanc. We really enjoyed the trip you arranged for us from Santiago to Valparaiso. Our guide was excellent. We also enjoyed the trip to Iguazu Falls. We had an excellent guide there as well. He made sure we all got to appreciate the natural beauty of the area. We even took the boat under the falls and got drenched. Thank you for all your help in making our trip really memorable and for getting us to Iguazu which has always been on my bucket list.”

-Joan F.
Connecticut, USA

“We wanted to tell you once more that we had a wonderful time during our trip. Thanks for developing a great itinerary. It is interesting to hear how we describe our trip to others and their reaction to our stories. I think they can feel our passion as we tell them what we did and what we saw. We are traveling again this week to see family and friends so we will have more opportunities to tell others about our trip. Best wishes and thank you.”

-Bob & Deb K.
St. Louis, MI, USA

“Our trip to South America was absolutely terrific and you set the tone from the beginning. You are a gracious hostess and your insights to the city of Santiago and Chile made it all the more welcoming. Our guide was super too (professional, fun, adorable) as we explored the region and wineries. We have every intention of returning to Chile, and perhaps Peru, Ecuador, and adding Argentina. Thanks again for a terrific launch of our exploration, and count on us for referrals.”

-Deb P.
Main Line, PA, USA

“Our trip through Chile and Argentina with you was truly memorable. You’ve done a great job at establishing relationships in the wine industry as well as the hospitality industry – and it all shows in the finished product that was our trip. We thoroughly enjoyed everywhere we went, the first class establishments where we stayed, and the experience of the whole trip (not to mention all we ate and drank!). We’ve been a lot of places and on a lot of trips – this truly will be remembered as one of our more fun experiences as well as a great educational experience in the Chilean/Argentine wine industry – and our now much better understanding of wine as well as the industry. Thanks.”

-Joe P.
Shreveport, LA, USA

“We thoroughly enjoyed our adventure with you in the Colchagua Valley–without question a highlight of our three weeks in South America. Your professionalism, expertise, passion and sense of fun brought our trip to what seemed like the perfect conclusion.”

-Rona M.
Toronto, Canada

“Thank you for all of your assistance in making our trip to Chile and Argentina a wonderful experience! We enjoyed the food, wine, accommodations, culture but, most importantly, our guides. Everyone made us feel welcome. Having lunch at your home was a great way to wrap up our Chilean experience.“

-Margaret P.
Lancaster, PA, USA

“THANK YOU. We are home now, the trip was amazing, and the guides were great. Both Sherri and I were so impressed at how you crafted the tours to show the differences of the various wineries and how they compare with each other. They all were memorable and every single one treated us as personal guests in their homes. You are a rock star. We will look for you on the PBS cooking shows.”

-Dave and Sherri A.
Houston, TX, USA

“We have now arrived home and have so many wonderful memories of our holiday in South America. One of the major highlights of our trip was your wine tour. It was truly magical. We will never forget the experience and ambience, the beautiful scenery and countryside, the sun and blue skies, rows and rows of vines on the hillsides, the differing styles of the wineries, the very warm welcome the people extended to us during our visit to their wineries and the truly delightful and pleasing tasting of the different wines. We have definitely acquired a better knowledge of the Chilean wine industry and will certainly look for the labels we had the good fortune to sample now that we are back in Canada.
You certainly gave us a top-notch tour guide! She was a lovely person, extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the wine industry, Chilean history, the land and the people. She was not only conscientious and caring by looking after our every need but is a lovely person, a pleasure to be with and lots of fun and our time with her just flew by. We started off with a tour guide and ended with a friend.
We commend you on your excellent team, the service and professionalism you provide. We will certainly recommend your organization to our friends and acquaintances.”

-Kathleen and Malcolm K.
Vancouver, Canada

“Thank you for the great time we spent with you – It was really memorable… We really love visiting the wineries – and the tastings that go with it – but it was especially enjoyable doing it with your company. I am hoping friends of mine head to Chile – and will recommend you in the future if they do… Many thanks.”

-Andrew B.
Toronto, Canada

“I highly recommend you contact Liz Caskey when you decide to travel to Chile. She provided an excellent experience both in Santiago and out in the Chilean wine country. She was able to book accommodations at the Ritz for us at a reduced rate, the shopping and lunch at her apartment was divine, and her access to boutique and unique wine tasting experiences throughout several valleys was really special. Most times we were the only visitors at the winery–no cattle herding! I know she takes wine aficionados out to these places regularly as the winery guides were quite happy to see her in every case.“

-Lyn M.
Burnet, TX, USA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a wonderful day all because of you! We had a great time and appreciate all you did for us.”

Jennifer A.
Chicago, IL, USA

“Thank you for setting up the thoroughly interesting and totally enjoyable tour of the Colchagua Valley and for hosting us at your home. We had a great time in Santiago and an especially great time on the Colchagua Valley tour with our guide. I am sure that you have heard this before-she is excellent! We couldn’t have asked for a better person to show us around. It was a perfect match.”

-Irv A.
Indiana, USA

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour. The experience was a highlight of our trip. I am happy with the pictures I took at the markets. When my husband returned from hunting, I even took him back and he was as amazed as I was. We have seen a number of markets, but this was among the most impressive. Thanks again for a wonderful time!”

-Carol H.
Austin, TX, USA