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Legado Mitico

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The stylish renovated early 20th century townhouse is located on a tranquil, cobblestone street in Palermo Viejo, home of the hippest restaurants, coolest cafés and trendiest boutiques in town. Bucking the minimalist trend, this intimate hotel taps into a different—yet still distinctively Argentine—aesthetic with layers of texture and style. Sumptuous fabrics and softly burnished leather; Deep, rich color; thoughtfully chosen art and antiques; a hotel that feels like an elegant home.

Each of the spacious 11 guestrooms is named for a charismatic national figure: such as La Prima Dama for Evita Perón, tango legend Carlos Gardel or La Escritora, literary author Victoria OCampos.

Leaf through a glossy book in the library while sipping a glass of wine by the fireplace. Hang out on their balmy terrace or in the breakfast lounge. While inspired by Argentina’s cultural icons, it’s the perfect jumping off point to explore the neighborhood and its effervescent energy. Intimate, cool, totally local.

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