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Atacama, Chile

A trip to the moon—or so it feels. The Atacama is the driest and highest desert on Earth. Built in the town of San Pedro along a wall that, for centuries, sheltered cattle shepherds, Awasi is an oasis in the desert. Constructed with attention to detail around ample spaces and outdoor living areas, the eight cottages are made of stone, adobe, and wood. It feels like your own kingdom with terraces for sunbathing or napping under a cloudless sky.

Secluded and intimate, all explorations are private and crafted to your needs—from biking to Cejas Lagoon, galloping in Death Valley, visiting native indigenous farmers or heading up for a picnic in the Altiplano at Tara salt flats. The local guides pull you into the culture and place yet give you space to contemplate the immensity of the desert, reconnect with the simple things in life, even rejuvenate your body and soul. You choose how much or how little you want to do everyday.

And when you return, like coming home, you will be received with delicious food, some of Chile’s finest wines, and be invited to curl up under a thick alpaca blanket by the roaring fire under the stars. Comfort, style…the perfect spot for moonwalking.

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