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Easter Island, Chile

Small, hilly, and treeless, Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as the locals call it, is half way between Chile and French Polynesia and is the most isolated, inhabited island in the world. A fascinating mix of geology (the island is actually the cone of an extinct volcano), archaeology, and Polynesian culture, guests can land on this remote island in total comfort at the Posada de Mike Rapu of the Explora family.

A perfect base for jumping off into the mystery and fun, Explora overlooks the sparkling Pacific where you can hang loose in true island style. This ecological LEED-certified lodge is constructed from native woods and volcanic rock, reducing its impact on the local environment. The thirty rooms are TV-free—all you need is the ocean view.

The intimate explorations will beckon you outdoors to enjoy the temperate climate and absorb the mesmerizing sites with picnics, hikes, and biking out to the volcanic crater or famous moai. Back at the lodge, you can dig into palate-inspiring local fish like fresh tuna and the local sweet potato. For cultural enthusiasts, make sure to book way ahead for the colorful Tapati festival in February when locals celebrate their Polynesian heritage. Exquisite, exotic, yet so close to the Chilean mainland.

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