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The Singular Patagonia

Patagonia, Chile

Located in historic Puerto Bories on the shores of the Last Hope Fjord, this brand new hotel has infused coolness to Chilean Patagonia. The handsome brick factory built in 1915, now a historical monument, has been expertly “recycled” using environmentally friendly architecture to transform the old frigorífico, cold-storage space, which originally exported mutton to Europe.

Tall ceilings, large picture windows, and warm light stream into the space and fill it with warmth and coziness, reflected in its cushy furniture and leather armchairs, inviting you to linger over your Cabernet and a book.

Set off into the Patagonian outback to two of their private nature reserves for spectacular treks. Or journey into the turquoise lagoons and glaciers of the Torres del Paine park and beyond. Upon returning, settle into your room with floor-to-ceiling windows of the Fjord. Savor the fresh cuisine made from sustainably-sourced seafood and meats, local organic (greenhouse) vegetables, and a grand showing of wines.

In the evening, participate in wine tastings, olive oil tastings, and even artisan beers.  Yes, hip can be far-flung.

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