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Vik Millahue

Wine Country, Chile

Isolated. Secluded. Inspiring. Vik Millahue is technically a winery with a pequeño four-bedroom lodge where guests can be invited into a total wine lover’s experience. Drive past the dusty country town of San Vicente de Tagua Tagua past the wooden water mills down a curvy road past steep hills. Vik is located in its own valley, called Millahue. Fittingly, Millahue means “place of gold” in the native Mapundungun language.

The 11,000-acre property is hemmed by contoured hills dotted with native forests of quillayes and boldo trees. Here, the vines grow in the rolling valley and climbing the steep hillsides. The chiseled Andes are always in the distance. Check into La Cabaña, a contemporary four-bedroom house that the owners use when visiting the property and now share with guests. Situated on a hill overlooking large parts of the property, the views are breathtaking.

Visit the vineyard in a 4×4 to understand the terroir and high density planting. Engage in a dynamic barrel tasting to taste the components of the yet-to-be-released VIK wine, only sold to hotel guests. Saddle up with the resident arriero, horseman, to check out the property on horseback. Or just find a spot on the deck overlooking the mountains and let the world melt away with a glass of their luscious wine. Bliss for wine connoisseurs.


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