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Aqua Expeditions

Amazon, Perú

A true “water safari”, Aqua Expeditions and its two luxury vessels, Aqua & Aria, navigate the dense Peruvian Amazon from Iquitos, a city where no roads arrive. Welcome to the jungle. Check into your floating five-star home as you penetrate the depths of the Amazon to remote areas like the Pacaya-Simara Reserve.

During the day, head out with your expert guides on skiffs deep into monkey-filled rain forest. Wander down black river tributaries that mirror the jungle treeline. Spot Tucans, macaus, anacondas, monkeys, and sloths with a naked eye. Fish for piranhas and look for pink dolphins. Descend from the boat on tierra firme to see the giant water lilies, go for a walk in the bush, and visit thatched-roof villages where locals still commute in canoes and children run to meet you.

Inside Aqua, the vessels sport clean and modern lines with floor-to-ceiling windows to ponder the show of nature from the comfort of your own bed. Slumber in cool A/C, silky cotton sheets, and locally made textiles as accents. On board, Lima celebrity chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino helms the kitchen with the nightly tasting menu focused on a celebration of local jungle fish, fruits, and flavors. Order a neon pink camu camu sour and say, Aventura. Adventure.

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