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The Argentine capital of Buenos Aires has long reigned as one of South America’s most tempting destinations, and surely it keeps pace with the likes of other Grand Dame cities around the world. European culture is everywhere: cafés pumping out steaming espresso, elegant Belle Epoque facades, the late night dinners with lots of wine. It’s a seductive, busy, dynamic, and highly cultural place. However, to enjoy Buenos Aires in all its glory and find its pulse, you have to slow down. There is real charm in walking the shady avenues and parks to appreciate the mish mesh of architecture. Learning to tango in a bonified milonga. Cutting into the juiciest, tastiest steak of your life at a local parrilla. Visiting cutting edge modern art galleries or shopping with top local designers, or watching the sunset over the Río de la Plata.

Beyond BA (Buenos Aires as locals call it), there’s an enormous country that is is equally worthy of exploration. Argentina is, after all, the eighth-largest country in the world with more than a million square miles of spectacular terrain waiting to be explored. From cactus forests, red canyons, and high altitude altiplano and wines in the arid northwest to the subtropical jungles and pounding falls of Iguazú, crystalline lakes and colossal glaciers in the wind-blown south, and the famous Malbec winelands of Mendoza at the base of the Andes, the scope of experiences is staggering.

Liz Caskey Culinary & Wine Experiences immerses you in Argentine culture by introducing you to a multi-faceted selection of curated experiences and the remarkable people that are the passion beyond these projects: from chefs to winemakers, historians to designers, remote villagers and fishermen. Your interactions with these people will be stimulating, enriching and enlightening. What you take home, beyond the fun and memories, is a profound learning experience and connection that you will value forever.

All of our travel is bespoke and personalized. Please read about our travel style and contact info for a consultation so we can craft the perfect experience for your own highly discerning travel needs and desires.