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Chile stretches like a thin noodle along the Pacific Ocean for over 2,600 miles—or nearly half the South American continent. Extending from the latitudes 17°-56° S and never more than a hundred miles wide, the wild Pacific crashes on the rocky shoreline to the west and the snow-capped Andes rise like a jagged backbone to the east. This long extension of latitudes is responsible for the country’s thrilling range of food, drink, and endless options to explore.

Chile has the driest desert in the world with desolate moonscapes and pink flamingo-filled lagoons and where descendants of the Incas grow the super grain, quinoa, at high altitudes on the altiplano. Walk through the wild rainforests of the Lake District where native Mapuche Indians make Chile’s famous spice merkén, and the Germanic immigrant culture left its legacy of creamy cheeses, artisan beer, and ethereal sausages. Continue to the end of the continent where massive glacial fields and the serrated peaks of blustery Patagonia meet with small fishing boats that scour the icy fjords for prized catches like king crab. Connect with Polynesian culture on mystical Rapa Nui, Easter Island, the most remote island in the world. Filling in the majestic geography are countless volcanoes, geysers, beaches, lakes, rivers, steppe, channels, and islands.

In Chile’s heartland, the Central Valley, make time to stop in the modern, cosmopolitan, and economically booming capital of Santiago with its green parks, vibrant restaurant and cultural scene, and low-key vibe that feels like Southern California fifty years ago. Further afar in this Mediterrean Eden, a dozen wine appellations make wines in every imaginable style and expression from Sauvignon Blanc to Big Reds like Cabernet Franc and the “lost grape”, Carmenere.  Here, the foodstuffs and culture are Mediterranean and drive by the seasons with a never-ending cornucopia of seafood, produce, artisan cheeses, fruity green olive oil, exceptional breads, and wine flowing like water.

However, Chile is as much about its character as the setting. The far-flung location and its geographical thinness give Chile a special intimacy. With its incredibly developed infrastructure, spectacular sights and gracious hosts, the hardest part for most is choosing an itinerary.

Liz Caskey Culinary & Wine Experiences immerses you in Chilean culture by introducing you to a multi-faceted selection of curated experiences and the remarkable people that are the passion beyond these projects: from chefs to winemakers, historians to designers, remote villagers and fishermen. Your interactions with these people will be stimulating, enriching and enlightening. What you take home, beyond the fun and memories, is a profound learning experience and connection that you will value forever.

All of our travel is bespoke and personalized. Please read about our travel style and contact info for a consultation so we can craft the perfect experience for your own highly discerning travel needs and desires.