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Culinary Santiago

Santiago, Chile
(Full Day)

Jump in and get a taste of Santiago’s rich culinary history with owner, cookbook author, chef, and sommelier Liz Caskey as your personal host today. Head to the downtown area, a myriad of eclectic turn-of-the-century architecture, colorful facades, local characters, and vibrant fresh markets.

Explore the labyrinth of stands at Santiago’s sprawling wholesale market, a scenic hodgepodge of stalls. Vendors hawk the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables, local cheeses, a plethora of meats, mounds of spices, and indigenous foodstuffs like pine nuts from the Araucaria tree or merkén (smoked chili). Shop with Liz to select lo más fresco of ingredients that her caseros have to offer. Wander through the maze of picadas, joints, and pull up a stool at an old-school eatery to sample seasonal Chilean classics like sweet corn tamales, steaming brothy stews, and avocado-laden sandwiches.

Cross the rushing Mapocho River to the bustling fish market where seafood turns over at the speed of light. Visit our favorite fishmonger and select straight-from-the-ocean seafood. Watch the show while expert hands fillet or shuck our order with precision. Swing by our favorite cheese shop to pick up tangy goat cheese and creamy mantecoso before visiting our favorite parlor for some artisan ice cream for the dessert.

Arrive at Liz’s spacious private apartment overlooking Santiago’s Parque Forestal with panoramic views of the Fine Arts Museum, San Cristóbal hill, and the Andes. Relax and make yourself at home. Sip some of our favorite Chilean sparkler and nosh on appetizers while participating (or watching) the preparation of an exquisite three-course lunch. Dishes draw their inspiration from authentic recipes, regional cooking techniques, and the fantastic fresh ingredients we collected on our market exploration. A selection of premium wines complements each savory course. Feel like you are in the company of a friend sharing the insider foodie experience in Santiago— because you are! Salud!