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Tailor Made

Your group. Your dates. Your destination. Your itinerary. Tailor made is just that. We tailor our journeys to be completely personalized to your interests, preferences, passions, hobbies, and perhaps eccentricities, for your perfect travel adventure. Be involved in the planning as much as you like—or let the details to us.

For example, want to join one of our Signature Journeys in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay or Peru but don’t see a departure that suits? Simply make it bespoke—that’s travel lingo for customizing a trip. Love the idea of sipping wines in Mendoza and then visiting Iguazu falls (on your bucket list!) but it’s not on our site? No worries. Chances are we’ve been there before. Give us a call. Want to cover a lot of territory for a South American Grand Wine Prix with the help of a private jet? Can do. Whatever you can imagine, we can work with you.

Made to Measure: The Process

A master tailor first sizes up his client. Our process is quite similar. The first order of business is get to know you better. We learn your tastes and preferences, find out who’s coming on the trip, why, and how. Is this a family trip, or reconnecting with schoolmates? Are you celebrating a honeymoon, landmark birthday, anniversary, or life? Do you want to use some of your miles to book around airfare availability? What kinds of foods, wines, dining experiences, and hotels make you swoon? Do you want private yoga classes every day or sleep in every morning?

After this initial consultation, like a suit, or dress, we then “design” and “fit” the trip to your group with a personalized itinerary crafted around your interests. Sometimes it can mean a few alterations to the itineraries on our website. Other times, we start from scratch and get creative around your wildest dreams. We love a challenge—and we truly love what we do.