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Uruguay is South America’s best-kept secret. A true gem for those travellers in the know. This nation of over three million maté lovers, meat eaters, wine growers, cheese makers, artists, poets, and African drummers is always full of surprises. Montevideo is the cosmopolitan capital sprawled along the shores of the brackish Río de la Plata where residents take city life at a slower pace. Outside the city, the wine country is near with family-run projects making wines with more resemblance to their European cousins. Here, hearty Tannat, silky Merlot, and zesty whites rule. Drive east along the coast to the summertime jet-set beach scene in Punta del Este that mellows in low-slung cottages, dunes, and azure water near the chic village of José Ignacio. In the west, across the River from Buenos Aires is Colonia, a province steeped in history–and for cheese lovers. The inland of Uruguay’s interior is wild and unpopulated where gauchos roam the rolling hills on horseback.

With so much packed into such a small space, what are Uruguayans like? Cornered on both sides by Brazil and Argentina, they will make you feel at home—like long lost family arriving for a visit. They will also proudly tell you that they have the best of everything: beaches, meat, soccer team, and wines. To find out, you’ll just have to go discover for yourself.

Liz Caskey Culinary & Wine Experiences immerses you in Uruguayan culture by introducing you to a multi-faceted selection of curated experiences and the remarkable people that are the passion beyond these projects: from cheesemakers to winemakers, historians to celebrity chefs, gauchos and fishermen. Your interactions with these people will be stimulating, enriching and enlightening. What you take home, beyond the fun and memories, is a profound learning experience and connection that you will value forever.

All of our travel is bespoke and personalized. Please read about our travel style and contact info for a consultation so we can craft the perfect experience for your own highly discerning travel needs and desires.